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March 8th, 2010, 08:10 PM
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Hi there. I'm so sorry for your losses. My name is Michelle. I began IVF last March and unfortunately we mc at 6 weeks, and then did do a fet in Oct. and had a chemical pregnancy. I've looked into this myself because of the fact we did and are going to be doing IVF again and pretty much found they said the same stuff. Most researchers do not believe that the reason for the increased risk relates to the IVF procedure. Rather, it is more likely that increased risk of miscarriage after IVF (or other infertility treatment) has more to do with the underlying reasons for the infertility treatment. As well, when doing IVF you find out if you are pregnant so early on that if you had gotten pregnant naturally may not even realize you had a mc because it would be right around the time of your period.

Having said that I really don't want you to feel discouraged, because there are so many women who have done IVF and have a baby or babies! I know just being on this board I see some of the ladies who have their IVF miracles and it gives me such hope. And even after doing IVF and then a FET with not positive results we are still going ahead with another round of IVF as I'm sure that we will end up with a healthy IVF miracle baby hopefully sometime early 2011.

Do they know why you are having the miscarriages and that's why they want you to do IVF? I wish you all the best and pray you will get a sticky bean! Good luck.
Me (Michelle)-33, Wife to Rawn 34, mom to Micah born November 22,2007
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Began process of testing and getting ready for IVF w/ICSI Feb.2009
Did first IVF w/ICSI in May. MC June 2009
Did IVF with FET Oct 2009 and had CP
Begin taking BCP on May 7 for IVF
Lupron injections on May 15
Gonal-F & Menupor on May 28
Retrieval on June 7, 5 day transfer w/2 embryo's on June 12
June 21-4 weeks pregnant!! Praying for heartbeat at 7 week ultrasound
July 12-We are having twins! Two strong heartbeats. Thank you God.
Jan 13,2011-Marcus and Caleb were born.

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