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May 27th, 2006, 07:46 AM
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DF\'s X is another story, DF has custody of their son and she JUST started paying support (they have been divorced 2 yrs now). She is only required to pay $50 (basically just on principal). She didn\'t pay anything at all until like 2 months ago. And she rarely sees him at all. And DSS has her on such a high pedestal that it isn\'t even funny. I am like "she is never around, I feed you, bath you, take you to and from school, tuck you in at night, and fix your boo-boo\'s. How is it that she is so great!" Jealousy streak I guess.

You have every right to feel the way you do but on a serious, outsider looking in opinion here, just because he is not paying it is not in the best interest of anyone to deny him from speaking or seeing her if he wants to. I know that sounds harsh and it is totally not fair...WE are the ones doing all the parent stuff (some mom\'s or dad\'s are having to be both mom and dad) and they get to reap all the rewards.

Continue to let him talk to her if he chooses to but I would definately reccomend talking witha lawyer to discuss what you want to happen and to see what your options are.

Best of luck in everything.</span>
Your post hit the nail on the head! I mean I do it all and it just cuts me soooo deep when she acts like it is the second coming of Jesus when he calls or comes home.

He has not called since last week. I can't do anything until June 1st, but believe me I am counting down the days. I am just so.....angry about this. I am off the entire summer vacation so summer camp is now an option not a necessity and she can just go ao a session here and there, which will save so so much money. So thank goodness for that. I wish my DD could not stand him. I don't want t=him to know that she loves him so much, I want him to feel the wrath of a child wronged by her father....but I just can't bring myself to tell her how he really is....and I won't. Its like I am suffering in silence and it drives me insane. And then my fiancee does so much for DD, I mean he is a great step father and male influence on her and I know it hurts him when DD gets all excited about her jerk bio dad. :: sigh :: Oh well....

Thank you ladies both for relating.

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