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March 10th, 2010, 07:53 AM
mater bibit
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Does that not count for something? Am I being overly sensative here? I wouldn't put it past me .. could be the hormones .. but it is really irking me when my son is asked if he did school/was at school today or asked if he can do particular things. Perhaps he just looks big for his age. Sometimes people are surprised to learn how old he is because of his size and vocabulary .. so .. I guess I am just being overly sensative. It's just that when they ask, if I haven't done anything with him that day or he can't do what he's been asked, I feel lazy! I know .. people can't MAKE me feel a certain way and I have no reason to feel lazy (right??) for not "doing school" 5 days a week with my JUST turned 4 year old child. Of course, correct me and slap me if I'm wrong. I don't know much about the public school system in this country but, what is the average 4yo (Feb. birthday) doing in relation to the public school system? I mean, are they in school 5 days a week learning how to write? I was under the impression the he's not even the age for starting PreSchool until THIS September.

Is this just what comes with homeschooling? If so, please help me get over this now.
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