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March 10th, 2010, 08:37 AM
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The trend is changing. When my parents were in school, there was no such thing as kindergarten. When I was in school, there was no such thing as preschool. These days, preschools start at age 2 or 3 (Ben went to preschool just after he turned 2... not my idea, of course!!), and pre-kindergarten starts at 4. Children come to public kindergarten at 5 (or 6 if they're red-shirted like they are here) expected to already know the basics (colors, numbers, letters, sounds, very basic reading skills), and they're expected to read fairly well by 1st grade. It's a push for kids who aren't ready or whose parents want to give them a normal childhood.

Forget what other people say. If your child wants to learn something, he'll learn it. He tells you when he's hungry or tired, and he can certainly tell you when he wants to know "Mommy... what's that?"

... and yeah, my son is 4, but he's in size 7 clothes. People mistake him for a 6 year old most of the time and wonder why he behaves like a 4 year old.
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