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March 10th, 2010, 05:23 PM
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Steal away! But i'm PAL and I totally said something like that *blush*!!!! I had Joey in April...a cousin brought her baby to Joey's memorial service (it wasn't a real problem, just made me a little uncomfortable). Then another cousin had a baby in July. There's another cousin who has a birthday (born the same year) the day before my ds1's and my mil is always trying to make us do a joint party even though we don't really like/get along with that family.

So this time, my rainbow baby, I really wanted OUR baby to get to have her own day...month even. Nobody born close to force into shared parties. Well....a few weeks after I found out I was pregnant mil told me that a cousin (older sister to the one who shares bday with ds) is pregnant again and due 2 weeks before me. She is 20. Having her 2nd kid. Her and her bf are/were both druggies. DCF almost took their first baby away...they are not good parents. Had sex in my brother-in-law's bed at a family party and stole pain killers from my fil's dresser (all fact, not exaggerating)...and then some. They live in her boyfriend's "sober house"...a group home basically. Everyone in the family is always like "Oh poor D, poor kids, lets help them...blah blah blah" and it made me especially upset that THIS was the girl I had to "share" the spotlight with.

I feel bad and immature for having these feelings...and almost ashamed...but I do. If this girl is on her first pregnancy, I can see how she might share some of the feelings...just maybe for different reasons. Some people I would be GLAD to share the journey with...ESPECIALLY with my sister (as is the case with your co-worker). But this girl seems just plain selfish and needs to realize that her sis probably didn't get pregnant on purpose to steal her thunder lol (although in some crazy families I bet this does happen!). I hope they can work through this and both enjoy their pregnancies!
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