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March 10th, 2010, 05:48 PM
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From what I can find, the uterus is always at least a little thin during labor, and is at least a little thicker during pregnancy. The major risk appears not to be carrying the babies but labor, one site said that if they do a c-section before labor starts you are far less likely to rupture (ObGyn/Pregnancy issues: thin uterus after c-sections, scar tissue, spontaneous rupture). I saw one non-scientific website mention bedrest, but with twins you'll probably be on some kind of bedrest at some point anyway.

So it looks like the standard thing to do in this situation is monitor you and the babies closely for distress and have a planned c-section before labor starts.

I am high risk and closely monitored and it's not so bad, I'd rather be low risk but I am happy to see my baby a lot and I'm reassured to know that his health is so closely followed.

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