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March 12th, 2010, 04:46 PM
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Hi...I am not pregnant with twins, but I am 32 weeks, and have a thin uterus. I have had 3 previous sections. My last one was in April of 08. When my dr was delivering her, he told me my uterus was very thin, and I shouldn't have any more children. Well...that didn't happen! I have been seeing a high risk doctor since the beginning of this pregnancy. I am scheduled to have my section at 36 weeks. I was scheduled at 37 weeks, but the high risk doc said that once you get to 37 weeks, you have a 20% chance of uterine rupture. I am worried about rupture just due to growth. I would imagine you will be monitored very closely, and put on bedrest. Personally, I would not terminate the pregnancy either...I think everything happens for a reason. I would see about getting all of your records from your old doc to give to the new one so he knows what the situation is. When I first told my doc I was pregnant, he said he wasnt concerned in the early months, but as the uterus streches, and the further along you are, the higher the risk. I have had other problems besides a thin uterus, so I see my high risk doctor once a week for ultrasounds. I am having an amnio done on the 12th of April, and if her lungs are strong enough, I will be having her then. I hope everything works out for you, and may God Bless you and all of your beautiful children! Good Luck!
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