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March 12th, 2010, 05:47 PM
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Thats great! I wish I had her room already done. I have a few things I can reuse from when Jeremy was little but not much. I'm excited to start decorating! Are you having a baby shower? Dh thinks I should wait till after the shower but thats going to be in the end on may, way to long to wait. Lol.

I hope you dont have preclampsia again. I dont know much about it but I know its very scary! Are you going to your ob every two weeks now?
I have my next appt. on the 22nd and I'm hoping it'll be every two weeks after that. I'm starting to get a rash on my arms and thighs...its not to itchy yet but it is spreading. I think its hormonal and hoping its not the PUPPS rash again. That was awful with my 1st pregnancy.
Do you think your going to have her early or on her due date? My son was 2weeks early, so I'm thinking she'll be the same too.

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