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March 14th, 2010, 05:45 AM
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My son and daughter in law have adopted one little boy and now after a little more than a year are ready for another child. They waited 10 years for their first little one and the difference he has made in their life is unbelievable. Please, if you decide on adoption, consider looking at this page. God bless you in this huge decision. Grandma Ginger


my recent post to the group:
Ginger Robb Hulet "Benjamin has been sending out some pretty impressive messages lately. Just this past week he told his father he wanted Grandma Ginger to come visit him for the weekend..and his dad said "he just wouldn't have it" when he tried to reason with him about it. Likewise he was recently telling me, his Grandma Ginger that he was getting a little bored with just mom and dad to play with. He said he felt like it was time for a brother or sister to join the family. With that I promised him I would put the word out to all of his good friends here on facebook. Well, there you have it straight from 1 year old Benjamin's mouth? I guess we had all better keep our eyes and ears open for that next little one to be his little partner in the Hulet family. Thank you friends and family."
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