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March 14th, 2010, 08:20 PM
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My name is Natalie, 24 and my DH is 26. I've decided to start this journal over here (I usually keep a handwritten one). Ladies on this board have been very supportive and nice! I love it here! As much as I would like to leave without coming back.... I'm back here again.

A little history.
I married the love of my life in hot summer of 2006..It was a rainy day and we were married by a lake. We wanted to have children after we finish our degrees (which we did in 2009). We've been seriously NTNP since November 2008......but i did not get pregnant.

Therefore, we began TTC in July 2009. I used an internet program to calculate my O day and we BD on CD14 and CD15. Then I got into charting BBTs and I must say I enjoyed the process! I loved seeing my graphs and seeing that amazing bi-phasic pattern). Charting helped me realize that I was not Ovulating on CD14...instead it was like day 20! That was probably the reason why we did not conceive while NTNP.

I got pregnant in October 2009 and I was sooo excited! I wanted to run around and sing crazy songs!! I was SO extremely happy! I bought tons of baby stuff! I bought many PG books and i read about everything except m/c. I did not know that m/c were that common! My MIL got sick with swine flu and I am pretty sure i got it too! It might have caused my m/c, who knows.. I had a m/c on December 2....I woke up that morning and realized that my bbs were not sore anymore and all of my symptoms were gone...then i saw blood . We went to the ER but they couldn't do anything about it. I was 7w3d. He/she would have been due in July 2010... My OBGYN said to wait one normal period and try again. Pathology test came back normal and doc said it was due to "bad luck".

I got my BFP three months later. I was happy but i couldn't let myself fully enjoy my pregnancy.. I knew it could happen again. Although I did not expect it that soon! I am having another miscarriage right now. I was only 5weeks this time, due in November 2010..

I want a baby soo much! It's so sad that I'll never get to see my first two babies . well, that is of course if i ever get to see any of my children. I have no idea about what caused my m/c.. My fur babies keep me busy though. I am so thankful for them and for my DH!

I wish I could have a 2010 baby... but i know it's impossible now. which i guess i need to accept.

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