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March 15th, 2010, 01:17 PM
mater bibit
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It seems not all people realize that though. I know I noticed I respond the same way (because I'm figuring that with certain people, they're not really interested in the specifics anyway) .. but certain people bring up their response (or lack thereof) to me as if it's noteworthy or humorous ... but then, same certain people do that about a number of things that aren't noteworthy and/or humorous about the children and what they do or say ... the common factor being, these people don't have children so ... maybe it's just those people that I need extra grace to deal patiently with because they still act like they know so much and what is best while being totally shocked when a 2yo has a temper tantrum or a 4yo starts acting rebellious and rude after an hour of overstimulation.

..sorry ... minor tangent .. lol
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