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March 15th, 2010, 06:25 PM
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LOL We've taken a HUGE hiatus since about... July. It's really not been not-schooling, but more un-schooling. And I'm totally NOT an unschooler. We just set the textbooks down and grabbed learning as it came. I have made my oldest do some from time to time, and if there's interest we've picked up something here or there, but mostly... yeah. Not much since July. I think we needed the break.

So last month we visited at my parents' and my dad asked my youngest what he'd been learning in school. B-man looked at my dad like he was nuts and said, "I homeschool." Dad said he knew that but what was he learning. B-man, still with the nutty-guy look on his face, says, "Nothing!!"

Dad grinned at me and looked back down and said, "You just don't THINK you're learning because it's your mom. Tell me your ABC's." And of course he did, and then went on to count for him, and told him about all the venemous snakes in Australia. But, he's not learning anything.

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