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March 16th, 2010, 07:47 AM
mater bibit
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There's some baloney in that too ... many schools require all kinds of work to be done at home in fact I remember reading a news article about that expectation being increased in certain areas which equates to even less parent/child time .. and then there is summer school and whatever to make up for all the time wasted through the rest of the year. I also think of it the other way ... if I had homeschooled, consider all the time I would have had free during the week that I instead had to spend sitting around at school waiting on someone or something rather than being able to simply get my own work done and then be free to go.

There was an awesome substitute teacher in my primary school. He was so awesome beause he did things completely different. At the beginning of the week he put up on the board all the things that needed to be done for the week and then let us at it in whatever order we chose, we would just have to go up and have the worked checked when we completed something. If we were done early and had spare time at the end of the week we were permitted to use that time to quietly occupy ourselves with our own activities. It sure beat all the sitting around that occurs when doing everything together .. or trying to.
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