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March 16th, 2010, 02:33 PM
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oh hun, I am very sorry!!!

you and i had very similar ivf results (in terms of # of eggs, and embryo quality) and 2 other RE's told me the same thing, that I had no shot, I needed to give up, or move to donor eggs. i listened to them and gave up. Now that I've had Bryar I KNOW that those RE's were wrong..I KNOW that they just didnt want to deal with a 24yr old that couldnt get pregnant. Even after a 3rd failed IVF cycle I still know in my heart that those doctors were wrong..there isnt something horribly wrong with you or me that cant be fixed...we just need the right kind of doctor to fix us.

if you truly want to do another cycle Addie then find an RE that believes in you, take the appropriate measures to guard yourself against failure, but dont let these men and women dictate to you and your husband whether you will or wont have a child.

RE's are there to help us but their #1 motivation is money...infertility is a cash cow and we all know that, and the way to bring money in is high stats. maybe your RE truly is being kind by telling you not to cycle again, but to refuse to treat you is crap, its your decision, your money. There are many great doctors out there that can and will help you if you want.

im sorry..went off on a rant there, but I just hate what this has done to you. I see myself in your shoes a few years ago and I remember the raw hurt, the agony and I cant stand anyone feeling that way.

we are here for you, no matter what you decide or what path you take. we just want you to be happy addie.

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