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March 17th, 2010, 09:59 PM
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When I was pregnant with Jonah I really wanted to see it, but it wasn't playing anywhere near us. We ordered it through netflix but it wasn't available until the week AFTER his birth LOL. One of my favorite memories is laying with teeny tiny newborn Jonah on my chest (he was stripped to his diaper, and tucked under my bathrobe) sleeping while I watched this I really miss when I could just lay with him like that. It lasted such a short time, I'm certainly going to savor it with this new baby!

LOL Sorry, that had nothing to do with your question. I just always have that warm snuggly feeling of that memory whenever someone mentions that documentary.

I really liked the movie. I liked that it did leave room to say, there is a time when a hospital birth is the safest, but it shouldn't necessarily be the norm. It really put into perspective that just like the rest of the health system in this country, delivering babies is a BUSINESS. I really want to read "Your Best Birth" which is written by Ricki Lake but it hasn't come into our library yet. I might buy a used copy of it.

My mom even liked that documentary, and as an ICU nurse she's always imagining the worst medical scenario in everything (because that is what she deals with every day) She's more accepting of our choice after having seen it

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