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March 17th, 2010, 11:32 PM
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When Ashlynn was born, I had a very tough time. My labor was long, she got stuck (and the nurse kept telling me I wasn't pushing and that she was going to get the Dr. to give me a c-section if I didn't try harder..I was pushing as hard as I could), I lost a ton of blood and Ashlynn broke her collarbone..
After having her, I kept passing out (and did so until my blood transfusion the next morning) so i'm not sure how long it took for them to give her to me..
I remember hearing the nurses mumbling "Is she going to breastfeed?" and I answered them with a firm Yes!
Ashlynn had a great latch, but she'd cry and unlatch often, so the nurses shoved a nipple shield on me and tried to get her to nurse that way. I used it ONCE, but felt it was super unnatural and immediately stopped using it. The nurse decided she'd give Ashlynn a bottle because she was crying so much.. I'm proud to say Ashlynn refused it with even louder screams.
I knew I was producing colostrum.. I had been leaking it since I was 20 weeks along!
Ashlynn got a case of jaundice after a couple days (We were there 4 days due to my bloodloss and her jaundice) and the nurses began to pressure me into giving her a bottle. I said no, knowing it would resolve itself and that the bottle wasn't needed. Her levels rose slowly, then peaked and began to go down. She never had a bottle while we were there.

When I got engorged the night we got home, Ashlynn started refusing to eat. She couldn't latch and would scream and cry, flailing her head around like I was torturing her. I ended up giving in and giving her a bottle. After that one bottle, I kept trying to nurse her. The next day I gave her another, but otherwise BF'ed the whole day. Slowly things began to get better. She still flailed around and screamed, but I kept trying..
Her fussiness peaked at 2 weeks..she screamed often, spit up like a faucet at almost every feeding and hardly slept. She still had issues with latching. My mom often found me holding the baby and crying in my bedroom.
I still refused to give up.
Things kept getting better and Ashlynn is now 7 weeks old and still being breastfed. My goal is to reach 6 months, 9 months being better...and if we reach a year, I'll be thrilled!
Ashlynn has since learned to latch on by herself!
She does occasionally have a bottle, but only if we are out and about, if I'm at school (I have night classes and my pump recently stopped working. I need a replacement part) or, twice, when she was cluster feeding and had completely drained me of every drop of milk, then continued to scream bloody murder.

She's growing wonderfully,too! At her 1 month appointment, she weighed 10lbs 5.8oz! She was born at 8lbs 14oz and a few days later was 7lbs 14oz.
At our LC appointment (she was about a week old) she was already 8lb 5oz.

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