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March 18th, 2010, 09:33 AM
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My midwife has a few assistants, one of whom is 'my' assistant, so she comes to all the appointments with my midwife. I like her for the most part, but the way they do appointments really bugs me... and at the rate we're going I might not be happy about her being at the birth... *sigh* DH says I need to talk to my midwife about it (we're friends, I'm not 'just a client'), because she probably doesn't realize how I'm feeling, but I don't like to rock the boat too much, so I haven't yet. Bad me, lol! I'm pretty sure I have met most if not all her assistants, because I'm at her house on a regular basis, and of course they drop by or whatever. Plus the homebirth network is kinda closeknit around here, so a lot of people know each other, especially when it comes to the birthing attendants in the area.
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