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March 18th, 2010, 11:46 AM
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So Zoe was really constipated and had not pooped all week and was straining so hard. We gave her some Knudson Farms Prune Juice and she went twice so far today! Anywho, I want to prevent this from happening again. I am thinking of putting ground flax seed in her food, and I made a vegetarian jello out of the prune juice, but have not given it to her yet. I used agar agar instead of gelatin, and a bit of kudzu. It was a recipe (fruit kanteen) from macrobiotics actually, with fruit juice, i just used the prune juice. Not sure why she is constipated, she eats so little food-- old fashioned oatmeal, yogurt, sweet potatoes, apple sauce, fruit, and happy baby puffs and mum mums. She gets 90% of her food, at least, from breastmilk. Poor baby screamed bloody murder passing her BM this morning I guess beans and broccoli should go on the list next?

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