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March 19th, 2010, 03:14 AM
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I went to my NST first and the baby looked great on that. Lots of movement and a strong steady heartbeat Then I went over to my regular OB appointment. She said she was going to a cervical check and swept my membranes too. I was going to ask her to do it so I wasn't too upset about it. I was dialted to 1 cm, 50% effaced, and very soft. Then my OB sent me back to the birthing center to check my fluid levels.

We waited for what seemed like forever. During this time I started to having contractions about every 10-20 minutes. They weren't painful but I could feel them. So the ultrasound tech finally came up and took me down for a u/s.

After some more waiting we finally got the u/s results back. My fluid levels had decreased again but they were still within normal range. The nurse said my OB wanted me to come back over to the doctor's office to discuss a "plan". Well me and DH knew her "plan" would be another c/s. So I told the nurse the we were going home to take a nap and get something to eat. She called my OB back and told her we were leaving. The nurse then handed the phone to me. I told my OB the same thing, that I was going home to take a nap and eat since it might be the real thing soon. She was less than happy. I told her we were still having the baby at home and if something went wrong then we would go to the hospital. She was very rude and went on about how we'd end up with a dead baby.

First of all, all the ultrasounds, NSTs, etc. have shown that the baby is perfectly fine. Second, DH lost a baby with a previous girlfriend so comments like that are very upsetting to him.

So went home and got some sleep and food. Around 8 p.m. I woke up for a bit and made us some pizza. I was still contracting but they weren't too bad. We ate and went back to bed.


I woke up again at 1:30 a.m. to some intense and painful contractions and have been up since. I've ate, walked around, and showered and they are not stopping. I think this is it! They are 3-5 minutes apart lasting 30-45 seconds.

10:30 a.m. UPDATE: My contractions are getting a lot more intense and they're lasting longer. I'm pretty sure this is it!

7:06 p.m. UPDATE Well I'm still in labor. The contractions are hurting a lot more. They're still irregular but maybe they always will be? I had a ton of bloody show around 4:30 p.m. If that wasn't gross I don't know what is. lol My mom stopped by for a bit then I tried to rest between contractions and now I'm up again. Laying down slowed things down a little but the contractions are much more intense than when labor first started. I hope she makes her appearance by midnight but I feel like it could be a while yet

***UPDATE 9:26 p.m.*** Well I'm starting to feel a little discouraged since I'm still in labor (after almost 20 hours) I keep getting texts from my family telling me to go to the hospital so that's discouraging as well. I'm about ready to turn off my cell phone Anyways, contractions keep getting even more painful. They're still very irregular but lasting longer at about a minute a piece. DH is very supportive so that helps Right now I'm sitting on my birth ball to try and help speed things along. I'll probably lay down again soon to try and rest between contractions. So if you don't hear from me for a while, I'm either resting or I had the baby.


***UPDATE 4:11 a.m.*** The good news is that I managed to get some sleep. The bad news is I'm still pregnant I woke up to tons more bloody show. How much mucous can possibly be in there?! The contractions are still hurting pretty bad but haven't gotten any worse. I checked my cervix before I laid down and it was around 3 cm. My labor is really long and I'm getting pretty discouraged at this point. Right now I'm debating on if I want to go back to bed or sit on my birthing ball. I'm timing my contractions to see if they have gotten regular yet. At this point me and DH are pretty exhausted.

***UPDATE 5:02 a.m.*** Well I feel a little better about my labor now. I've sat around for the last hour timing contractions and I think they are finally becoming regular! They are about 10 minutes apart lasting for a little over a minute each. They maybe farther apart than when labor first started but I'm glad they seem to be regular now (keeping my fingers crossed) and are remaining strong. I think I'll time a few more just to be sure then head back to bed for some much needed rest.

***UPDATE 10:35 p.m.*** Well to make a long story short, I just got back from a very frustrating and ultimately unneeded trip to the birthing center. I ended up signing a form to leave against medical advice. Baby appeared fine on the monitor except for 1 decel. Because of that they kept stalling me; wanting to start an IV, wanting my to sign c/s papers, etc. After over 2 hours of being on the fetal monitors I signed the forms and left. It was such a horrible experience and I will probably be cancelling the rest of my appointments since I know this is what they will do every time from now on.

Well on to the good news: I am in early labor! but it could take days to be in active labor and actually have the baby I'm still 1 cm dilated but now I'm 90% effaced. I was only 50% on Thursday so the contractions have done something. So now I just have to wait it out. And I did manage to get some rest. About once every hour I'd have a contraction painful enough to wake me up but I managed to get some sleep around them. Kaydence is taking her sweet time about being born.


***UPDATE 3:28 a.m.*** I slept almost all of Sunday. They contractions are very painful. Some are regular and some aren't. I hope that because I've had such a long and hard early labor that I'll have a short and easy active labor. I'm getting so discouraged and I've tried everything to get past this stage of labor. I have an NST scheduled tomorrow afternoon. I'll update probably after that or if things pick up before then. Ha ha.

***UPDATE 8:46 p.m.*** I feel so horrible...... I'm still pregnant and still in labor. Now the contractions are starting to bother my back as well. At this point I'm not even trying to time them. I just know that they really hurt and I haven't had a good night's sleep because of them in a while. I'm going to be pregnant and in labor forever.

I didn't go to my NST today either. I didn't get any sleep at all last night so I slept throughout the day. Plus I didn't want to deal with the additional stress of my doctor trying to force me to stay in the hospital. Maybe the back pain means something is picking up? I'm almost afraid to start timing contractions again. I don't want to get my hopes up.

***UPDATE 10:31 p.m.*** I'm going into the hospital. I can't take the pain any longer. I've been at this since 1:30 a.m. on Friday. No one should have to put up with this much pain for this long. I'm going to try and figure out why labor seems to have stalled out. If they can't figure it out, then I'll have to learn to accept another c/s. There's too much other stuff going on to keep going for much longer like high BP and low fluid.

Kaydence is here!!!!!!

She made her dramatic appearance at 8:23 a.m. on Tuesday 3/23. She was born via c/s after 4 days of labor. I was dilated to 9 cm but she got wedged against something and would not come out. She was in distress and the fluid was heavily stained with meconium and she had to come out now. She was 6 lbs 15 oz and 20 inches long. I'll post pics and the full story later.
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