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March 20th, 2010, 11:59 AM
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"There's a reason that there are fewer women and babies in graveyards since we started giving birth in hospitals..."

what do you say? This was a comment on my facebook left by my mother's very opinionated (openly opinionated) best friend. I know I am opening myself up to criticism by being so public about my birthing plans. I blog about it, and leave facebook status updates about it etc all the time. I'm not shy to tell people what we're doing, just as I've never been shy about letting the world know any of my "strange" parenting/mothering methods. But I think this particular comment is just downright mean.

I know there have been recent studies released that show homebirth is just as safe as a hospital birth, and I also know that the US has one of the top infant and mother mortality rates in the world, but I can't find this information when I need it to show her that I'm not being wreckless, this is a valid and legitimate choice for giving birth. Does anyone have any good links that bear credibility (medical articles and such) anything else, she would dismiss as my hippie gobbledyguk (Ricki Lake included)

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