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March 21st, 2010, 11:06 AM
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Please add links to any craft journals / blogs you have here. You can put links to Etsy shops here too.

If you do not have one but would like to start one, you can either make your own thread here on the board and put the link in here so it can easily be retrieved, or use an external host. Here are two popular ones: — Get a Free Blog Here

I will add Kristen's (Kristen_at_the_lake) as it is a thread which was up in the old craft journal subforum.

I have a blog. It's called Silverla's Story, and an apt subtitle would be "Music, Spirituality and Me". That's the basic content of the main page. However it contains a Book of Shadows, Light and Dreams which you can see over on the right, and a lot of the pages are about things I have made, namely wands. I kind of have everything all-in-one!
Silverla’s Story

My Etsy shop, Angelcraft By Silverla, selling spiritual tools such as wands and manifestation kits, and angel readings:
Angelcraft By Silverla by AngelcraftBySilverla on Etsy

I will add any blogs into my blogroll and will also add links to any of your Etsy shops on my blog.

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