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March 22nd, 2010, 05:16 AM
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Honestly, my husband has been teaching me how to argue lately and here is what I KNOW he would say. He would say that NOTHING you say is going to change her mind, and that she's not looking to understand your reasoning...think about it, if you have to hammer it into her and give her every fact under the sun and you have this feeling like she still won't get it, she won't. So he would simply say to her "I don't recall asking your opinion." or "This isn't open for discussion." and that's it. If you go about defending yourself, she'll just keep attacking. I have a mom like that...I've learned this over and over. Your friends all know the info, so it's not like you posting all that would really benefit anyone. And if you do have any friends on FB that don't really know about hbing and are curious, they'll see your confidence in your decision and either research it themselves or come to you with questions.
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