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March 22nd, 2010, 06:45 AM
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Originally Posted by WhoaMomma! View Post
If I had my druthers, I've found a homebirth midwife willing to do HBAC with a 100% VBAC success rate!

But hubby will want with the midwives we used last time in the same hospital. I've got a while to convince him. He didn't want to use midwives at all when we first got pregnant and now he wouldn't consider an OB. So I think he can be convinced, but it's gonna take some WORK on my part.
Keep trying him. Dh was 100000% against a birth center birth with ds, but at 35 weeks with dd I came crying to him with tons of information on uc and he said ok.

I will forever uc unless one of the following happens-1-one of us feels led by God to seek help, then we'll try a hbmw first and move up the scale if need be. 2-we find a life threatening condition on u/s like a severe placenta previa or something wrong with the baby that would require immediate care from a doctor (like my cousin's 7yo was born with her intestines on the outside). 3-we have multiples and aren't confident in our ability to birth them without which case we'll plead our case to mw's first and work our way up. 4-uc/hb becomes illegal here...which I doubt, at least on in ID. But we'd try to go somewhere else for a birth center birth then, or a hotel birth if we had to.
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