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March 22nd, 2010, 09:21 AM
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Hospital with an OB, but who knows who will actually do the delivering of the baby LOL.. it's been a surprise every time. With my 1st, a resident was going to deliver the baby with my OB present because he needed so many deliveries to move forward but because of the complications my OB ended up delivering. With my second, I got a different OB (who I LOVE) and she came in with another resident doctor who was working on becoming an OB and they asked if I'd mind if the resident delivered the baby while my OB supervised.. which I was fine with and good thing, because the resident and my OB ran into the room just in time to catch the baby as he came out (saving our very very scared nurse from delivering the baby) but really after 20 hours of labor who'd have thought I'd go from 6 to 10 in minutes and baby would crown without pushing. With #3 my OB came in with a Midwife who needed one more delivery and was then joining the practice and asked if I minded if the midwife delivered the baby with my OB supervised. So who knows who she'll bring in this time LOL but it will definately be at our hospital with the wonderful NICU just down the hall!
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