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March 22nd, 2010, 09:31 AM
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I really like the idea of unschooling but we are striving for that. However I get to stressed about what he does / doesn't know. As he gets the passion for a topic we run with it. If he did go to school he would go to a democratic private school. I don't feel there is enough activities and things to do around here to inspire him. Miguel however has a light schedule and picks his own curriculum. It's very hard for me to find things that he will willingly participate in. Unless it's spinning in circles, pacing around, or video games. Currently when he finds something better to do (absorbed in a book, co-op, games, almost anything) we do not have school. I'm fine with not doing school but he has to be doing something, anything.

Right now he's absorbed into twilight so we probably wont be doing work today and maybe the rest of the week. Our homeschool Goal is to inspire learning so usually we only take on the topics he hates. As he gets older I'm hoping to move more and more towards unschooling.

He does have to earn video games and tv time by doing math currently his unliked subject.
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