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March 22nd, 2010, 04:55 PM
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Hang in there mama! Prelabor is the time to do what you can to relax. Make sure the baby is in a good position. A wise MW I know suggests this:

Just a quick note - because this often helps a lot...and it can't hurt

If you are experiencing a putsy labor (stopping and starting, irregular) or harder labor with no progress - if you have a lot of back labor, etc... this is worth a try. The mechanics of it are like this: Move baby back out of the pelvis a little. Change the angles of your pelvis and give baby a chance to straighten up. Think of it as getting a tight sock over your heel - wiggling your foot helps!

First, assume a knee chest position for 2 - 3 contractions

Next, WITHOUT getting up - roll over on to your side and get into a sims position. Keep the lower leg straight, the upper bent, and rest here for 2 - 3 contractions.

Now roll on to your back for 2 - 3 contractions, then to your other side (sims position) for 2 - 3 contractions. Get up and see if there is any difference in your labor. If no change, repeat the proceedure, this time rolling to the opposite side of the way your rolled previously.

It's worth a try, and can make a difference even late in labor...
If you have some take a strong dose of liquid magnesium calcium and or a glass of red wine. I hope you're holding up, meditating and finding some way to enjoy the last few moments of your pregnancy! I'm still keeping you in my thoughts. Hugs!
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