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March 24th, 2010, 05:59 AM
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I have done this with 3-year-olds and would say it's ideal for that kind of age group.

NB. Excuse my use of the word "bunny" rather than "rabbit". I do have a 3-year-old!

You need:
Appropriately coloured A4 card - brown, black, white, etc (bunny colours )
Pink felt or card
White felt or card
Cotton wool
Felt tip pens

Optional: For making a basket for bunny to carry (older kids perhaps)
Brown felt or card
Mini eggs
Glue or hole punch and small length of string

Googly eyes (2)

1. Fold the A4 piece of card in half.
2. Draw a "half bunny" shape on one side of the A4 card. This should include a long ear, a semicircle head, a long body getting rounder towards the bottom, and a long bunny foot jutting out at the bottom. If I get time and manage to get the scanner rigged up at some point I will try to provide a pattern before Easter. In the meantime, here is an example - draw half of this:
Embroidery Library - Symmetrical Easter Bunny (Applique)
Make sure there are no tiny bits and pieces and everything is nice and chunky.
3. Keeping the card folded, cut around your shape.
4. Use the white card or felt to cut an oval/pear-shape to stick on the bunny's belly.
5. Use the pink card of felt to cut out insides for the bunny's ears and a little bunny tongue, and a triangular shaped bunny nose.
6. Flatten your bunny shape down. Draw in his eyes or stick on googly eyes.
7. Stick on the belly, insides of ears and nose.
8. From the nose, draw a small line down with a black/brown/pink felt tip. Taking the bottom point of the line as your middle point, draw a smile (see illustration above). Stick the tongue under the smile at the center point.
9. Then fold up the bunny again and write/stamp/stencil your message inside the card.

To make a basket for bunny:
If using felt, just bundle up the felt in a basket shape, cut a strip for the handle and stick it on.
If using card, make a small box - here are some suggested nets:
Potent problem: Cube nets
Again, cut a strip for the handle and stick it on.
An easy way to attach it is to punch a hole in bunny's side and attach it through the whole with string. If sticking with glue I would stick the main body of the basket or box as well as the handle.
Finally, pop your eggs in the basket.

If I get chance to make one I will take a pic and upload it.

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