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March 24th, 2010, 08:41 PM
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Aliana started taking miralax at 12 1/2 months for her constipation from her milk allergy. Instead of finding out why she had constipation the GI dr just kept increasing her miralax. Her pulmonologist figured out the milk allergy. The constipation has gotten better and she is on less miralax now. She was up to 2 tablespoons of it. She was down to half a teaspoon and then was off of miralax for a week and a half or so. Then she started getting constipated again which caused her to hold it in again which made her have to be back on miralax.

A little while after starting the miralax I started noticing that Aliana would make hand gestures.. she would be moving her fingers and her hand around. I just wrote it off as her finding her fingers and playing with them. Then it got better and wasn't too noticeable. Well now that she is back on miralax again and taking about 1 tablespoon of it I noticed that her gestures are back and getting more and more frequent. It really freaks me out! I was on a different message board about reflux, allergies, and constipation when someone mentioned something about not liking the miralax because of the neurological side effects! My GI dr has always said this is so safe and has no side effects and is no problem to be on. So I typed miralax into google and one of the autocompletes is "dangers of miralax". Apparently miralax is polyethylene glycol and antifreeze is ethylene glycol!!! It is in the same chemical family as antifreeze!! It isn't SUPPOSED to enter the bloodstream but with some people it does! And with the ones that it does it can cause neurological side effects! And renal side effects.. She has been urinating sooo much more! I attributed that to the milk allergy.. she's finally processing things normally. She always woke up dry after sleeping and has been waking up soaked!! I actually questioned whether she was diabetic cause she has had such an increase in urination. It can cause seizures and tics. It can make autism behaviors worse. Just lots of really scary things!

So I immediately stopped giving her the miralax and started giving her benefiber which is natural and increasing her fruits and veggies. I even got her to take 3 oz of pear juice which is amazing since she never drinks juice.. I had to give it to her in a bottle... but I don't care as long as she isn't on miralax. I don't know if anyone else had their child on miralax. So I thought I'd put this out there for anyone who did and didn't know about this. I was shocked about it and everyone I know who has a kid on it is completely shocked too! All the drs make it seem like it is so benign and has no side effects! I'm hoping the side effects go away but I don't know... it sounds like from other people that it takes a while for them to go away! It's just scary that you trust a dr and they don't give you all the info!
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