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March 24th, 2010, 09:01 PM
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I really think doctors need to look into natural alternatives before they offer drugs. It seems like doctors are so pill happy these days. So pill happy that they overlook, or are simply ignorant to new studies proving certain meds to be more dangerous than previously thought. It makes me so mad.

I am sorry your poor baby went through this. You poor mama!

What pisses me off even more is that once something like this happens and you lose your trust in what the doc is telling you, It makes the doc upset. Once you begin to research for yourself, they act like you are insane for not blindly trusting what they say. I had one doctor tell me that I couldn't possibly understand how to interpret studies done on medications. I could have kicked him in the nethers!!

After being pressured by a ped, Shanon and Mila both received the inhaled flu vax. Mila had no adverse side-effects other than a sore throat. Shanon developed a tick. It went on for days. weeks. It was so scary. The ped informed me that the vax didn't have that side effect, to go check out the product on the makers website. So I did. Side-effects? It actually gave me a link to report any side-effects because not enough research had been done to really know what all of the side effects were. Sickening isn't it? And doctors/ drug makers wonder why I don't trust them.

Hugs Laura. I am so sorry that Aliana had to go through this.

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