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March 25th, 2010, 08:54 AM
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Totally just saying and I know I'm being a brat. Really. Just venting like a big ol bratty brat.

Random quasi friend: So how are you feeling???
me: "Oh fine" (casually)
RQF: (pushy) But are you still sick? Are things going ok? What's going on?
me: (internally debating. Take easy way out..) "Things are ok. I think I'll ask my dr today about why I'm so large. I'm not worried about being fat or that nonsense, just feeling extremly swollen and malformed. Just worry that I'm growing like Violet in Willy Wonka..." (true)
RQF: "Oh, it's always like that with your second pregnancy..."


me: (internally only..."yes. my second. Not at all my sixth. Because I keep FORGETTING about the other ones. It's only this one that counts. My uterus TOTALLY didnt change with the others. Silly me. What hormones? Hey, if there's no live baby, I wasn't pregnant. I keep forgetting. Yep, just me with my second. Argh. Donkey.)
instead: "So thx for asking, you going to the park later..."

I know, I know... lighten up.
I'm workin on it.
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