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March 25th, 2010, 02:10 PM
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In all honesty, I'm not being totally truthful - Grant has squished his brother and sister into the placenta, so they aren't affecting my size anymore. I just don't like the constant reminder that they are gone. I don't talk about it much though. I really only get pissed when people act like this is my first because of my son Ethan. I gave birth to him, I held him and sang to him and named him, so I get pissed when people skip over him.

The sweetest thing happened last week though. My grandfather is, well, a little doddy. I think he killed a lot of brain cells when he was an alcoholic, so he's a bit absent minded. It's adorable. Anyway, he likes to talk about the baby, and when he called on my birthday, he said "Wow, pretty soon you're going to be a mother - for the second time!" Nobody ever says that to me, not even my family who met and loved Ethan too. Everyone, even those who still talk about Ethan, talk about how I'm going to be a mother in May.It really made my heart melt that my doddy, forgetful grandfather already thinks I'm a mother

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