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March 25th, 2010, 07:31 PM
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Originally Posted by Jodi Dawn View Post
i am not sure on this one. Does your inlaws already know that you are wanting to deliver at home?
Yes, they know. I think they kind of want me to have the baby here as well, actually

Originally Posted by laisydaisymama View Post
I would go to the birth center. Part of the appeal (for me) of being at home is being at peace and being comfortable in my own surroundings and only having the people there that I called and asked to join us. If you are already uncomfortable with the idea, those things kinda go out the window.
This was exactly how I felt about it, but I can't explain it to my husband. I guess since it is his family, he doesn't understand why I feel so uncomfortable about it. But as someone else above mentioned, I just don't want to worry about wanting to yell, but not because my FIL would hear me. When they aren't home, I am just as comfortable here as I would be in my own house, though, so if we can arrange something so they aren't here... maybe if it's during the day they could take Jonah to the zoo or something. We really need to talk about it though.

Originally Posted by BirthDoulaToBe View Post
Does it have to be all or nothing...I mean can you plan for a home birth if the baby comes the week they are gone, but if not, than go to the birth center? (I'm horrible making decisions, so I always look for ways around them! lol!)
This is actually one of the plans we have come up with. The midwife said that I can take the tub and supplies, and prepare for the homebirth, so that we are ready if it works out. If I decide that I am uncomfy here than we can just bring everything with us, or we could let her pick it up at the first postpartum in-home visit.

So I think that is what we are going to do, actually, is prepare that the birth will happen here at home. If something doesn't work out, or if my in-laws are here and I just can't bring myself to labor confidently with them here, then we will move to the center.DH and I really need to sit down and discuss everything with his parents, but lately it's been hard-pressed to have everyone in the house at the same time.

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