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March 26th, 2010, 09:51 AM
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Who is your best friend?
outside of my family, shelby (although we consider each other family)
What is one really special thing this friend has done for you?
she's always been there for me and so have her parents. my dad was always absent even though he was always there physically and she sort of shared her dad with me.
What have you given up for him/her (that he/she may or may not know about)?
i don't know how to answer this. i feel like we've never had to give anything up, we just support each other
What was the last thing you two fought about?
We've never really fought, we're more like sisters and will get annoyed of each other sometimes but it's like an annoyed at your family member
Why is he/she your best friend?
Don't really know, we've just always been there for each other
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