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March 26th, 2010, 02:41 PM
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Hi all!

I was here awhile back asking questions, but I think I'm here for good now

I'm Cheryl (23), DH is Darren (33) and I'm 20 weeks pregnant with our first child, with my first midwife appointment on Tuesday (the wait list was impossible for August, I had to get in through my prenatal educator who is friends with the owner of this midwifery group!)

And I think I've finally got DH on board and supportive of a home birth, along with some of the rest of our support system.

I had originally wanted a home birth, but after my first doctor (only had one appointment with him, then LEFT his practice) told DH it was too risky, we could be killing our baby etc. etc. and talked about how many failed home births he has seen go horribly, DH was too scared.

So I decided that rather than force him into a situation he wasn't comfortable with (which would be the WORST thing if I can't get support from him), to do the hospital thing - but in a midwife friendly hospital with tubs and such, in the next town over.

Well we had our prenatal class last night (a BirthWorks class), and she was asking questions about our ideal birth environment and how we feel about certain things. It was funny because the more she asked, the more I realized - I don't want to be in the hospital. I HATE hospitals. I want to be at home, where I can feel the first contraction and start baking baby a birthday cake - not grabbing my bag and trying to time when to drive to the hospital.

On the drive home, DH agreed. He said he can see it now - how the hospital can actually MAKE birth worse for someone who doesn't feel comfortable there, and how there really is no difference in treatment times at our small-town hospital between a woman with complications at home, and a woman with complications at the hospital - especially considering our close proximity (5 minutes down the road) to the hospital.

So I won't say it for sure, because I still have to talk to the midwife - but it looks like our first baby will be born at home (or at least, that will be the plan )

I'm so excited!

Big huge hugz and thanks to tasha_mae for my beautiful siggy!

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