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May 31st, 2006, 10:39 AM
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ok im to the point where i just wanna give up on everything..this soo called relationship (if u wanna even call it that) and everything to have to do with it..this court situation involving him and his ex to see his daughter is never going to end!!!! she doesnt show up at court and she doesnt even get in trouble! like it wasnt any big deal..her just blowing off her own lawyer and the investigator for so long and no one is doing anything about it. also to top it off dylans daddy told me that most likely its going to keep going like that because that is how she is and will keep blowing it off untill she knows he is running out of money..he also thinks that she will go move with his mother who is 1 hour and a half away or with family that is hours and hours away just to make it harder for him to ever see his daughter...and even if he gets visitations again she might not even follow it and then thatll involve court once again i cant take it anymore..hes always in a bad mood because of money and not being able to see his daughter ( he loves her to death and would do anything for her) i cant really understand what he wants me to understand because i didnt have the one thing in my life that ment so much taken away..and its killing me because of all this he doesnt care about the baby on the way..he told me he isnt supporting our son that i have to!!...first of all what gives him the right to just say that when its his child also!?!? theres only soo much steam to blow off and its always taken out on me and my unborn at the point where i dont even wanna see him..oh yeah and i asked him if he is going to care about him son..he couldnt even answer that for me!! being in a relationship with someone that already had a daughter is a little hard but its gotten 1000 times harder now that that bumb b***h of an ex is ruining things...

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