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March 27th, 2010, 01:26 PM
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Long story short, after several miscarraiges and lots of drs appts my DH and I found out that preg. is just not going to happen for us (i have issues other than fertility as well) my lovely sis offered to surrogate for us, but she's had 3 c-sections and while her ob says its ok to go for a 4th we can't find an RE who will do a IUI because of the c-section history....we tried ICI and it was a failure so IUI is the next step and IVF is just not an option for us, so now DH and I have opened the adoption door again (we were adopting a little girl and the day of the birth the mom changed her mind, I was devestated and haven't been willing to think of it) but now it looks as though God is saying this is where to look, so we want to do an independent domestic adoption but want a newborn, any advice as to where to look? I did the google thing and well it just gives me all these agencies that want a ton of money but no idea about if they actually can produce anything other than pretty pictures...I'd love some input and sorry this is so long.
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