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March 27th, 2010, 06:49 PM
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I wonder if, since it sounds like he would actually LET you help him (as opposed to my strong willed independent little thing who definitely won't... the word 'help' is like the word 'no' with many kids-- it brings on the tears instantly, lol), if you were to take him by the hand to wherever the item landed, or go to him if he didn't throw it) and verbalize it for him with signs included... and try to catch it before he gets frustrated too. So like if you see him trying to do something and he's getting frustrated, go to him and suggest "Maybe Mommy can help you with that, say 'help please' so she will know." When YOU say 'help please' sign it for him, and then after you help him think it through, show him the signs with his hands in the order you want them used... I'm assuming he probably knows the sign for please...? And if you don't catch it ahead of time, then take him to the item, or go to him when he is upset and do similarly. I doubt it will be an instant change, but verbalizing it will probably help him start thinking it through. Anyway... just a thought. That sort of thing helped with my nephew and a couple of other kids I worked with who had speech delays, so maybe it would help Jonah too.
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