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March 28th, 2010, 09:45 AM
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I think its a lovely idea, but as I've seen it practiced by most, it wouldnt work for me. My son would likely end up just on the wii, and I am not comfortable with just allowing a child to choose whether to learn or not, as many would choose not.
But I am happy setting aside a certain amount required study and then letting him choose many other activities, like choosing computer programmes or math with toys, studying subjects he likes etc.... and when a child is old enough, if they want to come up with their own lesson plans / ideas etc.... brilliant as long as it incorporates the core subjects and a reasonable amount of time learning anything else useful --- the study of Mario Brothers various levels just doesnt cut it - but if he wanted to draw pictures and make up a story about what levels he would create if he made the games, that would be fine.

I should have added, I think that learning the discipline of sitting down and finishing a task is important too. While I've known a few to do very well with unschooling, most of the cases I've known, the child doesnt do anything they dont want to. I am afraid many will have a hard time coping with the real world, where you cant just tell a boss, I dont feel like working today, or I dont like that task so i wont do it. Jumping up and down and screaming usually doesnt work well with employers either.
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