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March 28th, 2010, 01:00 PM
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My MW came over today for our first appt. It was 2.5 hours. Most of the time was filling out paperwork with personal/family medical histories, pregnancy/labor history and Zane's history. She gave us information brochures/books and my booklet/journal to keep all my appointment info/results and birth notes she'll be taking- so glad to have detailed notes that I'll get to keep, I wish I had them last time. In the book is the birth supplies suggested list, but she'll have the important supplies- we get what we want/feel we need. I am going to order supplies from the states and have my mom ship them that I really enjoyed/helped especially post partumly, i.e. herbal sitz bath, herbal cord care powder- I searched and searched here and haven't found anything- but I'm excited to order them!

My next appt is in a month...and they'll be monthly until 30 weeks then biweekly then weekly after 36 weeks until birth.

We discussed placenta encapsulation with her and she was excited about that and said she would like to help with that as well.

She felt for my uterus but couldn't feel it yet- which is good since I'm 10 weeks, she said usually around 12-14 weeks it moves above the pelvic bone. My blood pressure was normal, my urine was normal except for some leukocytes which may be due to a UTI I may have had the start of a week back. Didn't get to hear the heartbeat since she said usually after 12 weeks a bit bummed but next time!

She has the birth pool in a box which i'm excited about to use again- it's what we used with DS's birth.

6 weeks until gender scan- cannot wait!! We're going out to lunch after and then shopping to celebrate- so excited. I can't wait to know pink or blue to order specific cloth diapers- since DH says I can't order more until we know.

The time feels like it's going soooo slow even though it's going pretty fast, I guess cause I'm feeling so sick the days drag on.

Well that's pretty much my update on my appointment.

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