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March 29th, 2010, 05:09 AM
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thought i would share my story of my homebirth with monkey. its quite old, well not overly old but almost 3yrs and if i had the chance to do it again, i would do it the same way pretty much apart from worrying about going to the hospital

i guess you could say i had a textbook pregnancy. never had any morning sickness apart from 3 times so was pretty good i guess. his story starts on monday, june 11 2007.

the day started out fine, i thought i was having a few braxton hicks, monkey was due in a week so thought it was normal esp so close to his due date. i hadnt experienced them before so never thought anything much of them. just had the hot water bottle going as i was getting bad back pain. mums friend called up and asked how i was. i told her i was having a few pains and she said bub would be born within the next 48hours going by her guess. i thought yeah sure, whatever you think woman

monday night came and couldnt stomach any food as it was making me feel sick. didnt sleep very well either. tuesday morning came and after being awake most of the night i was very very tired and hungry, i had a bit of toast to eat with some juice and that was that. the 'braxton hicks' were still very very constant. i was thinking, if these are braxton hicks, what is the actual labour pain going to be like? mum and dad got home from work, asked how i was. i just told them about the pain and that was that. there was nothign more to add to it.

by the time everyone was heading into bed, i was in constant pain but there was no signs to say i was in labour. i didnt have any mucus, just these very terrible so called braxton hicks.

throughout the day, i had the hot water bottle rolling, starting on the hot showers to help the pain in my back. was feeling pretty good in a sense however the stupid braxton hicks were bothering me. mum was going to stay home but i told her to just go to work as monkey wasnt due for another week still. she went to work, i continued to do what i was doing, trying to sleep, watching tv etc. nothing too thrilling. by the afternoon i was in quite alot of pain. the braxton hicks were coming quite often by this stage.

tuesday night rolls around and i was starting to feel constipated and really really had to poo. i spent a fair bit of time on the toilet and everyone was getting cranky as they had to go. but i thought i was more important at the time. we called the hospital to see what we should do as these braxton hicks were all over the place by this stage. they were coming between every 5 - 30mins so they werent regular and the hospital just said thats what they were.

i didnt sleep at all on tuesday night. the pain in my back was becoming unbearable. i even went to wake up mum and dad as it was killing me. mum called the hospital yet again but they said nothing. i still had no mucus at this stage. the hot water bottle and shower were my best friend at this point.

wednesday morning came along. my plug still hadnt broken, the bh were still all over the place and i was very very constipated. i spent quite alot of the early morning and day on the toilet. i just had to poo but it wasnt happening. the pain was only just bearable in a sense but i couldnt take it, just hurt way too much for my liking. mum decided to stay home from work for the day. she spent the morning refilling my hot water bottle as it hurt to walk at times, made me some toast and getting me drinks(pity this service never lasted). i kept going, taking the dog downstairs for toilet and bringing her back up. at one stage i couldnt bring her back upstairs as once i bent down to pick her up, i couldnt even get up myself.

i still really had to poo and by golly gosh i wish i could. mum thought it was perhaps due to the baby pushing down but i didnt care what she had to say, i needed to poo. thats all i wanted to do. i still wasnt really eating and i was so tired, these braxton hicks have kept me awake for alot longer than what i wanted and i could just strangle them at this stage. throughout the morning we called the hospital another 3 or 4 times. still we were told to stay at home as i still didnt have any sign to say bub would be on their way.

so came about 11:30am, once again a call to the hospital. while mum was on the phone to them, another visit to toilet so i could poo. i had some white stringy stuff come out of me, i didnt know what it was so i didnt tell mum as i didnt even know a mucus plug looked like. i only noticed as i was on the toilet yet again and this string kept coming, i prolly could of gone up and down my street a couple of times as thats how long it felt. so i got out of the toilet about 12ish as i just wanted to poo but being so unsuccessful i was frustrated. then took the dog back downstairs and returned about 20mins later.

mum made me some more toast so baby had something and got me a panadol and some juice. i lied down after taking ages to get comfy between the pains and wanting to make sure i was comfy enough to see the tv. about 12:35pm, i had to get up to go to the toilet to pee and poo yet again. took me awhile to get up as bella was all over me and wouldnt move when i told her too. then there was the trouble of getting up. that took some time as i didnt have the energy to.

we were meant to be resting as we made the decision to head up to the hospital that night, mum wanted to rest and get some sleep.

anyway i got up and peed myself. i said to mum i have just peed myself and i gotta go and poo again(i just wanted to poo, that was it, how hard could that possibly be?) so by now i had peed myself, i waddled over to the hallway, by this time i pushed and thought lets all jump for joy, i just pooed in my pants. i told mum i pooed my pants and felt so much better so i gotta go n change n have a shower to clean up. it was the best poo ever, it was the king of all poos, felt that way to me. so it took me about 30seconds from 'peeing' my pants to pooing them.

one step into the hallway, i heard something fall on the ground. i was thinking, oh FFS now i gotta pick up my own ****, thats the last thing i want to do.

i turn, look around and i see a bubba peeing on my floor. kinda stunned, i said to mum, the baby is here and he is pi$$ing all over the floor. that was the first thing that came outta my mouth. i didnt know monkey was gonna be a boy so i was very excited in a sense to see him pee. she didnt believe me until he started crying.

she didnt know what to do but managed to work out she needed to call an ambulance. i was thinking screw the ambulance, i want to call dad and my work friends.

the ambulance arrived less than 5mins after his birth as they were very very close. the cord was cut by mum about 25mins after birth. i wanted to get cleaned up and have a shower before we left for the hospital but i would of still felt feral anyway so just changed into a skirt as my boxers were totally ruined.

BTW, i didnt poo either when i had monkey. i think that was an achievement and a half for me considering how bad i had to. i was very proud of that

so we got to the hospital about an hour after monkey was born. we took so long as mum was rushing around and because we (including the ambos) were all just looking at my little bruised boy, the one who couldnt wait any longer to meet me.

monkey was taken off me as i had to get a few stitches and he was returned a few hours later after a bit of observation due to falling from my underwear to the wooden floors. i felt fine, i could walk without any trouble after his birth but the flippen doctor thought i needed pain relief so shoved some panadol up my bum even though i said no.

i felt so empowered to have him at home and i am very glad and thankful i was able to experience this. i think as it was unexpected is what made it even better, i was not panicky or anything as not knowing i was in labour made it that way.

monkey marked his territory as soon as he arrived into the world and has marked it quite often ever since. but i love walking down my hallway, i cant wait til he is older and let him know where he was born.

i also wont forget the first cuddle i had with him. i was the first one to touch him, i had no doctors or anyone pass him to me, i picked him up off the floor, we went to a cleaner place in the hallway and sat gazing into eachothers eyes. it was amazing, beautiful, nothing to describe the feeling really.

his stats are as follows
place of birth is at home
DOB 13 june 07
time 12:48pm
weight 3150grams
height 50cm
head circumfrence 34
apgar both at 9
you laugh at me because im differnt, i laugh at your because your all the same

monkey n mum
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