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March 29th, 2010, 03:38 PM
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... were you angry? I'm finding myself getting more and more angry the more research I do... And I mean REALLY angry - DH's cousin said something to me the other day and I almost went up one side of her and down the other.

Like, for example, epidurals. They're routine, and safe - at least, that is what they say. Oh, but what is this?

Phentenol, the drug used in epidurals, is an opiate 100 times more powerful than morphine and 300 times stronger than heroin. It is given in a dose that, if given directly to your child, would cause severe brain damage IF it didn't kill them. And for up to 6 weeks following the birth, because your baby's liver can't process the complex chemicals, they'll exhibit the signs of heroin or morphine use.

Say WHAT?!?!?

Or the Group B Strep test and IV antibiotics given to 1 in 3 women. Only 1 in 12000 babies will be born with the condition, and it is rare for a baby who wasn't subjected to the IV antibiotics to be untreated after a simple course of their OWN antibiotics? But it can cause fatal superbugs and allergic reactions in mommies who are allergic to penicillin, like me. Mhmmm...

Am I the only one who is getting angry that I was never told any of this? Am I just over reacting, or is it crazy that women out there get shunned and scolded for a sip of red wine during pregnancy, but high doses of morphine or phentenol during labor are perfectly acceptable?

Should the public not be more aware of the real risks and side effects of these things, and instead of condemning mommies who smoke or take a sip of beer or drive down a bumpy road, start making it more known that vaccines, routine GBS IV antibiotics, routine epidurals and other drugs are MORE dangerous and cause MORE harm???

I'm sorry, I've tried to quit smoking - and every time I do, I vomit NONSTOP until I have a ciggarette. Not even kidding. Vomiting for hours on end, unable to even keep water down, until I smoke. I've had friends and family GIVING me cigarettes because they want me to stop throwing up.

And I get chastised for choosing FOOD for my baby over quitting smoking, by the very same women who will think nothing of getting a big ol' shot of morphine (essentially medicinal heroin) in the *** during their labor, as many times as they ask for it.

Isn't something wrong here????

Big huge hugz and thanks to tasha_mae for my beautiful siggy!

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