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March 30th, 2010, 01:36 AM
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I am wanting to learn more about the Jewish Torah. Do you ladies happen to know if the Torah is different from the Christian Old Testament? As far as I've ever been told, its the same, but I want to know more about G-d and (regardless of our diffrences) I have always believed that when you want to learn more, you go to the source (Jesus being Jewish, you go to the Torah).

To be even more honest, one of the reasons I am wanting to know more is because I want to KNOW why Jesus is or isn't the Messiah. How can two religions (one that is supposed to be the fulfillment of the other) can be so diametrically different in this one aspect. He either is, or He isn't, and if He isn't, then I want to knwo why. I have absolutely no doubt in the existance, power and love of G-d. He has shown himself too blatently in my life for me to doubt Him... its the rest that I have questions about. So, I'm coming to you ladies in hope that you can help me. I have no intentions of debating Christianity with you as I wouldn't dare to insult your beliefs by trying to impose my own. I simply have questions about YOUR beliefs. Would that be welcome here? If not, I'll be disappointed, but I'll understand and I'll respect that decision.

If I am welcome, what would you reccomend that I read? I don't have money for a lot of books (part of why I'm asking about the difference in our OT and your Torah) so reliable websites would be greatly appreciated. I have done some research myself but when it comes to the question of Jesus being the Messiah or not... what I have found only leaves me with more questions than answers. I want to know more about G-d and what He says so that I can better under stand this topic. Why do Jews deny that Jesus is Messiah? (I also want to know why Christians choose not to observe even the most basic of the Jewish tennents, but thats another topic for another board).

Thanks in advance.

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