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March 31st, 2010, 11:54 AM
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I was in denial for a good while but had that scared feeling in the back of my head. I wasn't afraid that my boyfriend would be angry, but we haven't been together that long and even though we were sure about our relationship and wanting to be together, we weren't exactly ready for a baby (he was just getting things together after getting his other two children back and out of a bad situation). And on top of that, I was in denial based on the assumption that I couldn't get pregnant that easily (I had problems with my period as a teen and PCOS runs in my family...two sisters have it).

But after missing my period in January (it being due around the 23 or so), February comes around and on the night of the 3rd I finally broke down and told him that I had missed my period and due to other "strange" symptoms (major breast tenderness that I hadn't experienced since I was a teen, problems with my wrists all of a sudden going numb in the middle of the night, digestion weirdness), he pretty much told me we were going to get a test. So the next morning we went to the pharmacy and I bought an EPT early pregnancy test and went home and took it (though I kept telling myself I was just being paranoid the whole way home)...and well, I was terrified when I saw the + sign show up even before the control showed up. I nearly broke down...I thought he'd be disappointed, but he was extremely comforting and supportive and has been so throughout.

And of course I'm now 13 weeks and have had my first U/S so there's no more denying anything, LOL. We are happy now and excited and looking forward to everything. *
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