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April 21st, 2005, 08:20 AM
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Desiree sounds like the same thing that happened to you happened to me. Im new here and I just wanted to welcome myself and tell my story. Currently I am 6 weeks pregnant. I first found out I was pregnant back in the end of February. I had a blood hcg test but the hcg level was only 254 which she said was extremely low for some one that would have been about 5 weeks pregnant. Than in the beginning of march I experienced a week of bleeding and the dr told me I miscarried.... So I was down and out about that. Anyhow around the beginning of april I was expecting another monthly cycle and when it never came I went back to the Dr. She did a blood pregnancy test sat 4/16 and the results from that were hcg # 5013. I took another blood hcg test Monday and the results from that test were 10142!!!! So the dr said that I miscarried back in March and got pregnant again right after that. But now this time my hcg numbers are doubling every 2 days like they should and she said I am right on track for some one who is 5-6 weeks pregnant. I told my boyfriend this baby must be meant to be

Anyway I am so excited and the dr says my estimated due date will be Dec 17th :-)

good luck to you desiree
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