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March 31st, 2010, 12:42 PM
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I highly recommend AGAINST the paddling pool.

A pool that is designed for birthing is much more usable for that purpose. It will have secure hand holds, foot grips, many have enough space for your partner to get in with you should you prefer, no problems with being able to rest your full weight (or your partner and/or midwives weight) on the sides if need be, and most importantly they are deeper!

I think you will find the depth of the water to be the biggest issue. You need to fill it up deep enough that when you are sitting on the floor the water reaches above your breasts and nearing your collar bone. This provides enough water to create sufficient buoyancy. If you do not have this buoyancy, you will not get what you seek out of a water birthing experience! It is the water holding your own body up that will calm baby, calm you, raise your body off a hard surface to relieve pressure on your hips and spine, and through these things ease birthing pains. It is important that your belly is fully submerged, too, so that even and equal pressure is placed on your bump to soothe jangling nerves. On a lesser note, a paddling pool is not deep enough to retain sufficient heat for as long as you probably will want -- and chills added to labor pains are not something you want to mess with! Padded floors are easy to create for yourself -- just add towels.

I realise I sound quite forceful on this, but I do know a fair amount. However, don't take my word for it. Talk to several qualified midwives and ask them in person or by phone, where you can counter with new questions that may arise. Most that I have known are very happy to ask questions, and love to encourage mothers towards alternative methods than the hospital practices when it is not necessary for mother and child safety to have critical intervention on hand.
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