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April 1st, 2010, 07:23 AM
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My husband is a priest, and it's Holy week, so we are VERY busy. The church is in the middle of a lot of changes (might be moving to a new building this month), I also just adopted the baby carrier business that I have been helping with over the past year, and I am trying to finish my doula cert before this baby gets here.... so this week has been shabby as far as school goes. PLUS we're all sick. YUCK. So, we're just trying to read a lot and she's been working by herself a lot in activity books. I'm fine taking it easy from school, but she flips out if we don't do school every day. It really bums her out, lol. So, basically I have been "pacifying" her with easy (but still somewhat challenging) worksheets and stuff so that she will be satisfied. We'll be doing arts and crafts all day tomorrow for Easter fun.
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