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April 2nd, 2010, 05:36 AM
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i remember we had a labourdor(SP) when i was little as in like 3 or 4yrs old little but thats all i remember. the pet i can remember though is that we got a maltese cross and we called him max. he got put down when he was 14 due to 'biting' someone which is a load of bullocks. we also had a rotti who was honestly the most gorgeous dog with her personality. she had to be put down when she was 12 due to old age for big dogs and also really bad arthritis that she couldnt no longer walk and i was absolutely upset and that was only about 4yrs ago that happened. she wouldnt ever bark unless there was a reason for it, she wouldnt ever bite even though when us kids were growing up, we were as rough as anything with her and she was always good around younger children who would do everything they wanted to her and she would just suck it up and take it all. she was a load of fun to have and gosh, i so want another rotti but i dont think we would ever find one the same.
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