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April 3rd, 2010, 11:54 PM
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I should be back now. Our trip to Idaho was nice, I was glad to go home! But now I had some time to catch up on things so I should have time for JM

Thanks for the birthday wish for LJ. He had a party while we were in Idaho, I wish I could say I was going to post pictures of it, but we left our dang camera sitting right here by the computer

LJ will get his blood work done sometime this next week probably, but we won't have the results for a couple weeks. We're feeding him a lot extra try to see if we can get him to just fatten up on his own and not worry about all this.

I forgot to go see my chiropractor. I really haven't had the back problems I normally have in a while...saying that'll probably get them to start though...*sigh*

Random thought of the moment: I noted March will be moving out of DDC and into PR soon, and we'll be the 3rd one up then, how exciting! I'm sure April's already had a bunch of babies and May's probably starting to go too! A month from now I'm sure we'll have people about to pop or having their baby!

I had the ammonia smell the other day actually, it went away quickly though.

How was your scan?

Here we are, on the count down to 30 weeks now! That one's exciting to me, cuz after that it is single digits when we talk about weeks (9 weeks left, 8 weeks left, etc.)

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