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April 4th, 2010, 12:05 PM
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I had my mother get me the newest edition of "What to Expect" for my birthday. Of course, it was a month late, but hey, she got it for me. LOL I read it along with countless others during my first pregnancy. I tried to do the same during my second, but was bored because I wasn't getting any new info, and thus stumbled onto internet chat rooms, etc. (Ohhhh yeah!! So THAT is where it started!! hehehe)

But, having been 6 years since I did this, I wanted the info on what may have changed since I last knew. Not that pregnancy has changed, but what the hospitals recommend may have. I'm enjoying it - reading it in spurts, and thankful for what seems to be new sections on diet and other biggies.

After our move I'll probably seek out some labor and delivery books. Haven't read any of those - just something that has come to me naturally I guess. But, I think my coach (mom) might not be able to make it to this one, so I need to prepare a little better - and get hubby prepared.

Not sure if I'll do the What to Expect the First Year book or not. Never have before, and was thinking I might, but at this point I think we might do enough differently - out of the mainstream - that I'm not sure how helpful that book will be. I'll probably ask around in the homeschooling and AP circles once we get moved.

Some that are on my list for sure have to do with vaccine info. I already plan to selectively and delay vax, but I don't really have an idea of which I'll select or deselect or which I'll delay or do on time. KWIM? I mean there are a few I know that we'll skip entirely or that we'll for sure have on time, but it's very few and I want more info. That'll be fun.

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