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April 4th, 2010, 02:02 PM
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I've requested a new blinkie for us, but I figured I'd gather together some old ones which are hanging round in my Photobuckets. I also searched back through the forum but could only find one thread, yet I swear I've seen some other blinkies, that were similar to the aeroplane one I have. I can't find them on my computer either. If anyone has any please will you add them to this thread? (Augie)?

For anyone that needs them.

1. Snag the blinkie (right click, Save As...) and upload it to your image hosting account, eg photobucket.

2. Copy the IMG code from your photobucket or similar and paste it into your siggy editor.

3. Go to the main page of Traveling Mommies and copy the URL.

4. Highlight the IMG code.

5. Click the green + icon in the panel above the siggy editor. Paste the URL into the pop-up box.

Here is the new blinkie:


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